What is Prather York Rite?

"Continuation of the Masonic Journey Through Ritual and Fellowship"

We have found that the main reason Masons join the York Rite is to learn the rest of the Masonic Story and our ritual is an important part of who we are. However the reason our members come back and participate is for the Fellowship that is provided by a group that brings together Masons from a number of Lodges in the area and gives them the opportunity to get to know one another.

For us at Prather York Rite we feel that we are an Organization that provides Masonic Education through outstanding ritual and a wonderful Fraternity that gives its members the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Why should I join Prather York Rite?

The York Rite provides it's members with a greater understanding of their Masonic Degrees. As a Master Mason you've already started your progress through the York Rite by receiving the first 3 degrees, in your Blue Lodge, of the 12 degrees of the York Rite. Most people don't stop reading a good book after the first chapter and yet that is exactly what most Masons do with their Masonic Journey, they stop just a quarter of the way through and never discover how the story ends.

  • Would you like to know how to receive your wages? You learned what they were as a Fellow Craft; as a Mark Master you'll learn how to receive them.

  • Would you like to meet Solomon's successor as Grand Master? You met him in the Master Mason Degree; in the Past Master’s Degree you’ll meet him again.

  • Would you like to see the Temple of Solomon finally completed? In the Most Excellent Master Degree we celebrate to competition and dedication of the Temple.

  • Would you like to receive the Master's Word? Not the substitute word given in the Master Mason Degree, but the actual long lost word of a Master Mason. As promised by King Solomon, in the Royal Arch, future generation shall discover it.

  • Would you like to find out why we were able to recover the word? In the Royal and Select Master we’ll talk with Hiram and learn of the preparations that were made to safeguard the Word.

  • Would you like to learn some of the history that connects the Knights Templar with Freemasonry?

  • Would you like to become a Knight?

How Do I Join?

First you need to be a Mason in good standing of an Indiana Lodge or a Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Indiana. Then you need to fill out a petition, the membership application can be found online. Please feel free to contact us at either info@pratheryorkrite.com or call us at 317-426-0157 to determine when you can start the Degree Work and continue your Masonic Journey.

Why should I be a Member of Prather York Rite?

Every year Prather York Rite hosts a number of great social events, bringing together Masons and their families, and providing our members with opportunities for fun and fellowship.

  • Annual Dessert Buffet

  • Annual Flag Day Picnic

  • Arcade Bar

  • Board Games

  • Bowling Nights

  • Easter Luncheon

  • Gun Safety at the Shooting Range

  • Joint Lodge Picnic

  • Museum Tour

  • Putt-Putt

  • Theater Nights

  • Walks / Runs (5Ks)

  • Winery Visits

  • Annual Pilgrimage to Southern Indiana

    • Golf Outing

    • Masonic History & Ritual

    • Food & Drinks

    • Socializing & Fellowship

  • And Much More