Reviews of Freemasonry and Rosslyn Chapel

Reviews of Freemasonry and Rosslyn Chapel

Presented by Carson Smith

"The legends of Rosslyn Chapel are brought to life by W. Bro. Carson Smith. The presentation was beyond enlightening and provided all, from the most studied Master Mason, to the ladies among our guests, with an expanded appreciation of this historical edifice.”

– W. Bro. Kurt Begue

“Worshipful Brother Smith has an innate ability to take an overwhelming amount of historical information, fact, and fiction, and sculpt it into an enjoyable and informative presentation that is suitable for all audiences.”

– W. Bro. Christopher Bentlage

"The allure of Rosslyn Chapel has endured through the ages, its history and mythology weaving a splendid tale that has captivated seekers and scholars alike. Sir Knight Carson Smith does a masterful job at navigating both the historical record and the legends of this magnificent structure. Presenting a foundation of historical fact, while allowing the viewer to reasonably imagine how the legend connects, he delivers an informed and detailed exposé that remains objective and entertaining. From Grand Masters to Grail Seekers, from Knights Templar to Masters and Apprentices, one word rings like a siren song in the misty hills of Scotland…Rosslyn.”

– W. Bro. John Bridegroom

“I truly enjoyed your presentation. I visited Rosslyn last year, and your talk gave me greater understanding and appreciation of the significance of the chapel, and the Templar connection, (or not).”

– W. Bro. Bruce Bush

“Another great presentation by Sir Knight Carson Smith. Because of the time in history, and there only being word of mouth to pass on folklore, quite a few accounts on these details were lost. This lecture left you thinking and had your mind energetically wondering why and what was the purpose of all this. The artwork displayed in these slides showed the research on this presentation had to take some time. Thank you, Carson Smith, for this wonderful presentation.”

– W. Bro. Chuck Combi

"We had the distinct pleasure of hosting Carson C. Smith to do our Masonic Education for our August Stated Meeting and Annual Steak Fry. Carson gave us a wonderful in depth lecture on the Rosslyn Chapel. This exciting and informative talk had all eyes and ears focused on his talk and visual PowerPoint presentation. The details were extraordinary and demonstrated the time he has spent learning and studying about the Rosslyn Chapel. His expertise in the lecture shows his dedication to the Craft, his love for Freemasonry, and the Scottish and York Rites. We are certainly grateful and honored he drove such a long way to do the presentation for us.”

– W. Bro. Tom Dolly

“W. Bro. Carson Smith has marvelously distilled nearly a millennia worth of historical context into a great presentation for the Mason and non-Mason alike.”

– W. Bro. Mike Doxsee

“You don’t want to miss this presentation. Carson masterfully weaves Freemasonry and Rosslyn Chapel into a spellbinding narrative. When he was finished we wanted to go to Scotland. If Carson had brought signup forms, we would have booked a trip right then.”

– Bro. Andy Fracica

“Sir Knight Carson Smith delivers a masterful presentation blending history, Freemasonry, and Rosslyn lore with his usual flare and brilliance!”

– W. Bro. Jerry Hawk

“This was a great presentation, and a story everyone can enjoy. While I drove three hours south to hear it the first time, I am considering traveling three hours north to hear it again, in a couple of weeks. Yes, it was that good.”

– M.W. Bro. George Ingles

“A wonderful presentation of Rosslyn Chapel! The history of it, and how it ties into Masonry and the Templars. The forty minutes went by so quickly, I could have sat for hours more! Well researched and presented.”

– W. Bro. Sean Jones

“Carson Smith’s presentation about Rosslyn Chapel, Freemasonry, and the Knights Templar was well organized, enlightening, and very entertaining, with Carson’s natural delivery and relaxed demeanor. I visited Rosslyn in April 2014, took the tour, and actually learned more from Carson’s presentation. Well done, Carson!”

– W. Bro. Stephen Kroman

“This was an excellent presentation by W. Bro. Carson Smith. He was able to give different perspectives on Rosslyn Chapel while not showing favoritism to any one view. When I go there myself I'll have some background information they might not tell.”

– W. Bro. David Miller

“After years of reading about Rosslyn Chapel in many different forms; fantasy, pseudo-historical, and mostly factual, I appreciated your presentation of the integration and differentiation of the information. I would recommend this presentation to anyone even mildly interested in history.”

– Bro. David Parks

“It is a must see.”

– W. Bro. Bob Plank

“A thought provoking presentation that was well executed and well delivered. With all of the information that was presented, I found it extremely refreshing that the conclusion was left to the imagination of each attendee.”

– W. Bro. Mike Robbins

"W. Bro. Carson Smith’s riveting presentation of Freemasonry and Rosslyn Chapel is indeed a must see. It truly is thought provoking, and, as Carson would say, ‘I will leave that up to you to decide.’ Well, well done!"

– Bro. Rick Schack

“Carson, your presentation that I attended in Vincennes was very good and was very informative of the subject. You were well prepared, and you could tell that you enjoy the subject matter. I appreciate your enthusiasm of the subject and that you can tell you enjoy being a Knight Templar. I encourage you to continue with your presentations and they will only get better as you add to the stories you tell.”

– W. Bro. Phillip Stroud

“On behalf of the Lodge and our Worshipful Master, I want to thank you again for the outstanding evening of Masonic Education that you provided for our Stated Meeting. It was very well received!! There were six Lodges represented at the dinner and I hope that you get future speaking engagements with all of them. I know that, at some point in the future, we would love to have you speak to us again! Thank you again, Carson, for a job very well done! You are always welcome at Council Oak No. 745!”

– W. Bro. David Wood

“Great presentation by a master story teller. Whether you have read about Rosslyn Chapel, or know nothing about it at all, you will come away with a new appreciation for it. Carson gives an unbiased look into the subject and allows you to make your own decisions.”

– W. Bro. Jeff Woodward