Lessons of Templar Masonry

Graig Huber

Below is an excerpt from “Highlights of Templar History” by William Mosley Brown. The author is attempting in this section of his work to describe the connection between the Degrees of Knighthood and Freemasonry. Mr. Brown concedes in his work that the teachings of Freemasonry and Templarism, most importantly, are crucial for the ethics of man. Also, one needs to know that his work was funded and supported by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, United States of America.

"During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries able men, well schooled in the philosophy of Freemasonry, enlarged upon the lesson based on allegorical illustrations until they developed a complete system of rules for ethical conduct in the modern world. As the lessons were improved, these men became aware of the necessity of adding other lessons to complete the system. This was accomplished by adding other Degrees and Orders to those which were worked as a part of the original operative system. Chivalric Freemasonry is the result of the effort of those Freemasons, who desired to formulate a Masonic Philosophy based upon the principles of Christianity."

"The allegorical illustrations used in Chivalric Freemasonry, with the exception of those taught in the Order of the Red Cross, are based on the rules, duties and achievements of the two great religious and military orders of the Temple and of St. John, known respectively as the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. Some of the lessons of Chivalric Freemasonry taught by allegorical illustrations are:"

    1. Veneration for and adherence to the Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry.

    2. Truth is the wisdom, strength, beauty, power and majesty which will prevail over all obstacles.

    3. Pilgrimage and penance are necessary for admission to the privileges of Christian Knighthood.

    4. Humility is a fundamental virtue of Christian Knighthood.

    5. The mystic swords of Faith, Hope and Charity tempered with Justice, Fortitude and Mercy, will defend and vindicate the honor of all Knights of the Order.

    6. Christian Knights will wield their mystic swords in the defense of innocent maidens, destitute widows, helpless orphans, and the Christian religion.

    7. Faith in the deity of Jesus of Nazareth as shown by his birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension.

    8. Belief in the mortality of the body and the immortality of the soul.

    9. Inviolability of the engagements entered into by the Templar.

    10. Respect for and adherence to the principles established by legal and constitutional government.

As you can see from Mr. Brown’s writings, he believes, Templarism is necessary for the continual building of the allegorical "Temple of Man" and Templarisms connection to Freemasonry is essential for the greater good of the Craft. Many scholars, Masonic & Non-Masonic, have questioned the reasons of the Knights Templar, a Christian organization, being associated with Craft Masonry which only requires a believe in deity (not the divinity of Jesus). This question is one that we, as York Rite Masons, must continue to search for “More Light” for great good of Freemasonry.


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