What are the Allied Masonic Degrees?

Brian Lewis

The Allied Masonic Degrees (referred to as the AMD) is an invitational Masonic Body. During the early 1900s their were many detached or loosely governed ritualistic Degrees. What prompted the creation of the AMD was a desire to group together the better of these Degrees. Formerly 13 Degree made up the American system of the Allied Masonic Degrees however recently additional Degrees have been added. While some of these Degrees also exist elsewhere in the world, they are often governed or grouped in a different manner.

AMD Members join a Council chartered by the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America. Within an area there is no limit to the number of Council however each Council is limited to 27 Members. All Members of an AMD Council must be Royal Arch Masons and membership in a Council is by invitation only.

AMD Councils, at least in Indiana, tend to exist for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To educate active York Rite Mason on additional Masonic Degrees through the reading or conferral of the AMD ritual.

  • To encourage research on Masonic topics and provide a forum for the presentation of Masonic papers.

  • To provide an opportunity to bring together active York Rite Mason in small groups.

The exact prerequisites for who is nominated for membership will vary from Council to Council depended on each Council’s purpose. For example, Prather Council #510 AMD was chartered in 2012 to bring together the past and current Officers of Prather York Rite. It also provided those members with an opportunity to learn about the rituals of the Allied Masonic Degrees.

From the Grand Council's Website

"There is no intention on the part of the Allied Masonic Degrees to detract from any organized and established body of Masonry. On the contrary, you will find our members active, beyond the average, in all local Masonic bodies. The real purpose is to stimulate interest in Masonry in general and bring together in small groups those who are interested in the study of Masonic subjects. Thus they are better enabled to serve the Craft."

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