Royal and Select Master - 1 Kings 7:48-50
Graig Huber

The Illustrious King Solomon and Grand Master Hiram Abiff praised Adoniram for the beautiful work that was created under his watch, a work emblematic of those great Masonic virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. When the furniture for the Holy of Holies of the Temple was nearly completed, Adoniram asked the Grand Master, “When shall I receive the Master’s Word?” To which the Grand Master replied, only when the Temple is completed, and only in the presence of the Three. But the Grand Master reassured him that if he were to die and enter that place of contentment and rest, the Word would be secure, buried in a safe place. As it happened while the craft repaired to the clay grounds, Grand Master Hiram Abiff was accosted and dealt a death blow by a Fellowcraft, obsessed to acquire the secret by force. But even with the Grand Master’s untimely death, the work of the Temple continued, as written in Scripture, “And Solomon made all the vessels that pertained unto the house of the Lord: the altar of gold, and the table of gold, whereupon the shewbread was, And the candlesticks of pure gold, five on the right side, and five on the left, before the oracle, with the flowers, and the lamps, and the tongs of gold, And the bowls, and the snuffers, and the basons, and the spoons, and the censers of pure gold; and the hinges of gold, both for the doors of the inner house, the most holy place, and for the doors of the house, to wit, of the temple.” In token of Grand Master Hiram Abiff’s death, a substitute Word was given as the presence of the Three was broken, and Adoniram was made a Royal Master. Alas! Zabud, at first accused of being an imposter, is received as a Select Master to replace the post of Ahishar, who was put to death after being found sleeping at his post. Upon being received, Zabud gained admission to the secret of the 9th Arch. Since the destruction of the Temple and Babylonian captivity had been prophesied to the Grand Masters beforehand, they made a secret deposit that was buried in a special place, to be revealed at the time of God’s choosing. It is through the gate of death that we find an entrance to the place of wages, refreshments and rest.


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