Candidate Charge for the Royal Arch Degree

“Worthy Companions: By the consent and assistance of the members of this Chapter, you are no exalted to the sublime and honorable degree of Royal Arch Mason. The rites and mysteries developed in this degree have been handed down, through a chosen few, unchanged by time, and uncontrolled by prejudice; and we expect and trust they will be regarded by you with the same veneration, and transmitted with the same scrupulous purity to your successors. No one can reflect on the ceremonies of gaining admission into this place without being forcibly struck with the important lessons which they teach. Here we are necessarily led to contemplate, with gratitude and admiration, the sacred source from when all earthly comforts flow. Here we find additional inducements to continue steadfast and immovable in the discharge of our respective duties; and here we are bound by the most solemn ties to promote each other’s welfare and correct each other’s failings, by advice, admonition and reproof. As it is our earnest desire, and a duty we owe to our companions of this Order, that the admission of every candidate into this Chapter should be attended by the approbation of the most scrutinizing eye, we hope always to possess the satisfaction of finding none among us but such as will promote, to the utmost of their power, the great end of our institution. By paying due attention to this determination, we expect you will never recommend any candidate to this Chapter, whose abilities and knowledge of the preceding degrees you cannot freely vouch for, and whom you do not firmly and confidently believe will fully conform to the principles of our Order, and fulfill the obligations of a Royal Arch Mason. While such are our members, we may expect to be united in one object, without lukewarmness, inattention, or neglect; but zeal, fidelity, and affection, will be the distinguishing characteristics of our society; and that satisfaction, harmony, and peace, may be enjoyed at our meetings which no other society can afford."

- From “A Guide to the Royal Arch Chapter” by John Sheville and James L. Gould written in 1867


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