Candidate Charge for the Most Excellent Master Degree

“Brother: Your admission to this degree of Masonry is a proof of the good opinion the brethren of this Lodge entertain of your Masonic abilities. Let this consideration induce you to be careful of forfeiting, by misconduct and inattention to our rules, that esteem which has raised you to the rank which you now possess. It is one of your great duties, as a Most Excellent Master, to dispense light and truth to the uninformed Mason; and I need not remind you of the impossibility of complying with this obligation without possessing an accurate acquaintance with the lectures of each degree. If you are not already completely conversant in all the degrees heretofore conferred on you, remember that an indulgence, prompted by a belief that you will apply yourself with double diligence to make yourself so, has induced the brethren to accept you. Let it, therefore, be your unremitting study to acquire such a degree of knowledge and information, as shall enable you to discharge your propriety the various duties incumbent on you, and to preserve, unsullied, the title now conferred upon you of a Most Excellent Master."

- From “A Guide to the Royal Arch Chapter” by John Sheville and James L. Gould written in 1867


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