Candidate Charge for the Mark Master Degree

“Brother: I congratulate you on having been thought worthy of being promoted to this honorable degree of Masonry. Permit me to impress it on your mind that your assiduity should ever be commensurate with your duties, which become more and more extensive as you advance in Masonry. The situation to which you are now promoted will draw upon you not only the scrutinizing eyes of the world at large, but those also of your brethren, on whom this degree of Masonry has not been conferred; all will be justified in expecting your conduct and behavior to be such as may with safety be imitated. In the honorable character of Mark Master Mason, it is more particularly your duty to endeavor to let your conduct in the world, as well as in the Lodge, and among your brethren, be such as may stand the test of the Grand Overseer’s square, that you may not, like the unfinished and imperfect work of the negligent and unfaithful of former times, be rejected and thrown side, as unfit for that spiritual building, that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. While such is your conduct, should misfortunes assail you, should friends forsake you, should envy traduce your good name, and malice persecute you; yet may you have confidence that, among Mark Master Masons, you will find friends who will administer relief to your distresses, and comfort your afflictions; ever bearing in mind, as a consolation under all the frowns of fortune, and as an encouragement to hope for better prospects, that the stone which the builders rejected became the chief stone of the corner.”

- From “A Guide to the Royal Arch Chapter” by John Sheville and James L. Gould written in 1867


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